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Maddalena Fuller


I have a tendency towards hoarding and accumulation and my mother always gently reminds me that there is no shortage of beautiful things in the world. I am drawn to all things exquisite and intricate, ornate and beautiful, and am perpetually inspired to contribute to the domain of hand-crafted wares.

I find myself returning to abstract organic shape-making in painting and am perpetually drawn to texture, raw materials and pattern-making. I love to paint in red and am moving towards nature and textile inspired print-making techniques within my abstract works.

I am also very drawn to all things whimsical,  delicate, and playful. I don’t want my jewellery to be simple. Why be practical when you can be excessive?  I don’t like small earrings. I like long dangly things that tickle, and materials that sparkle. I work with velvet and ribbon, baubles and gems, with rosettes, shells, bells and pearls. Each piece is hand-crafted with vintage treasure, recycled bits , semi-precious stones and affection.

The only place that I enjoy more than my studio is my kitchen. Daily reflections and obsessions on cakes and custards and the culinary musings of a matriarch will be posted with irregularity and sincerity.

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  1. Diana Powell Says:

    You certainly were hiding your light when we met. This work is exceptional and very attractive. I particularly like the style of your earrings and your abstract paintings. It is not easy to see how any one can buy your artifacts.

    Well done. I enjoyed looking at your work


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